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Fantastic and incredibly rare Afro-disco album from 1978. Originally released on the seminal French disco label Barclay, this album seamlessly blends elements of African, Afrobeat, Funk and Disco styles, with segments continually morphing and evolving into new tracks. Irresistibly funky and percussive, this album’s drumming patterns and melodies grandually hypnotise the listener, with only outbreaks of African chanting breaking up the grooves. 


Backsleeve notes:

We want to express our everlasting gratitude to Paco Rabanne who gave us his time, love and life energy. 
Without you TUMBLACK could not have been alive. 
Yves, for the quality of your love and understanding. The supreme is shining within you.
Francis and Jean-Luc: you have been the perfect fellows.
The wonderfull musicians of VOYAGE for playing the right thing at the right time; Sauveur, your bass solo is outa sight.
Richard & Jean-Paul, the all cosmic DROIDS, keep your magic fingers crossed!
Phillippe Saisse for finding time to come and play with us so soulfully when you were on tour with Al Di Meola.
Francis Cournay for the "feel good" horn section.
Wally & Patrick of 3.14 for the funk!
And also merci beaucoup; 
Stella, Yvelise, Patricia, Ketty, Bob Marley, Julian jr.Marvin, Brother James, Ronnie Laws, Albert Koski, Eddie Barclay, Karl LAgerfeld, Guy, Le Palace, Wilson, Black Sugar, La Main Bleue, Les Mouches.
Our first album is dedicated to all our brothers in the Antilles and to every positive soul in the univers.
Dance now to the sound of the KA Drum!!
Sauveur Malia, Pierre Alain Dahan, Marc Chantereau, Slim Pezin: courtesy of Sirocco Productions.
Wally Badorou, Patrick Dupont: courtesy of LM-Riviera Recording System.
Tumblack: any contact c/o Paco Rabanne 7 rue du Cherche-Midi 75006 PARIS

Tumblack - Tumblack

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